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Construction logistics and production control can enhance project performance. Research addressing site material management mainly aims at reducing hauling distances and transportation costs. Other studies address the effects of logistics on labor productivity, proposing partial solutions instead of comprehensive optimization. Moreover, previous research on logistics optimization covers various stages of supply chain, but stops once materials reach the construction site. However, different techniques can be used to haul these materials from storage areas to workplaces, including push and just-in-time techniques. These methods along with the effects they can have on crew performance still need to be studied. Pull and push techniques have been studied and applied for production control purposes. However, zooming into the level of project locations, the effects of production control approaches on crew performance still need to be studied. This paper reviews onsite construction logistics and production control techniques, studies them at the level of locations, and proposes hypotheses to be evaluated in future research, relating logistics mechanisms and production control systems to productivity. This research is valuable due to exposing additional factors affecting labor productivity, and recommending further optimization in production planning and construction logistics.
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