Farook Hamzeh

Alternate Name:
Farook R. Hamzeh
Conference paper

Precast concrete building construction process comparison

This paper deploys value stream mapping (VSM) as a lean methodology to investigate and compare the process differences between a Canadian precast project and a Chinese precast project as a basis for improvements in reducing process waste.
Conference paper

Agent-based modelling and simulation of construction crew performance

This paper presents an Agent-Based and Discrete-Event model that allows project controllers to simulate current or future project states within the Weekly Work Plan (WWP) of the Last Planner System (LPS) in order to orient the project activities and performance as desired.
Journal article

Are construction clients ready to lead the lean initiative?

The client plays a vital role in driving and setting the project framework thus greatly influencing the successful implementation of lean. This study aims at identifying the status of the characteristics, behaviors and practices of Middle Eastern construction clients.
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An integrative approach to analyze the attributes shaping the dynamic nature of value in AEC

What are the attributes that affect value generation, enhancement, and optimization on projects? The research conducted in this paper shows that project value is not easily understood, it is connected to multiple attributes that shape the dynamic and evolving nature of value.
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An AHP approach for selecting and identifying off-site construction systems

This paper takes the initial steps and presents work targeted towards identifying the optimal off-site systems for a given project by extracting and elaborately analyzing the attributes of the different systems using the Analytical Hierarchy Process technique (AHP). The outcomes of this study will yield...