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An integrative approach to analyze the attributes shaping the dynamic nature of value in AEC

Project delivery Construction industry Project planning

Question: What are the attributes that affect value generation, enhancement, and optimization on projects?

Purpose: Identify the research trends concerned with value in construction and specify the probable gaps in knowledge as well as suggesting areas that need further investigation.

Research Method: A thorough review and analysis of the literature on topics related to value in construction projects was conducted and a Multi-attribute integration framework for understanding value was developed.

Findings: The presented integrative framework structuring the multi attributes of value revealed the huge number of interdependent factors that need to be considered collectively to enhance value on construction projects. The research also emphasized on the dynamic nature of value by further explaining the interactions and changes in the identified attributes.

Limitations: This paper is at the theoretical level and future practical research should be conducted based on the core foundation established in this paper.

Implications: The research conducted in this paper shows that project value is not easily understood, it is connected to multiple attributes that shape the dynamic and evolving nature of value.

Value for authors: This paper offers a comprehensive framework that future studies could rely on to understand the blend of attributes connected to evolvement of value on projects. The research presented in this paper is a first step towards understanding the different dimensions of value and building a unified platform for future research endeavors.

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