Making disability rights real Whakatūturu ngā tika hauātanga

Third report of the Independent Monitoring Mechanism of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
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New Zealand has a mixed record when it comes to the rights of disabled people. Although some things are done well, there is still a great deal of work required to remove barriers stopping disabled people from participating in society on an equal basis. This report identifies key themes that must be prioritised to ensure the realisation of the fundamental rights set out in the Disability Convention in New Zealand.


  1. Introduce an enforceable right to inclusive education as a key element of the legislative framework, and ensures resource to attain equitable access
  2. Build co-design into every stage of the education reform process
  3. Implement legislation requiring all newly built housing to conform to universal design standards
  4. Strengthen the commitment to reduction of rates of restraint of persons with disabilities, and the rapid reduction, towards elimination, of use of seclusion in secure health and disability facilities, through robust, achievable and time-bound policies
  5. Restart the Disability Survey following each Census, commencing with the 2023 Census
  6. Enable disabled people to communicate more effectively with government agencies by increasing the number of accessible formats available so that disabled people can express their views in New Zealand Sign Language, and use braille, Easy Read and audio formats to engage fully
  7. Develop a comprehensive rights-based national disability employment strategy.


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