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COVID-19 pandemic constricts methamphetamine supply in Perth

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This study examines the methamphetamine market and prevalence of methamphetamine use in Perth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program indicate that 38 percent (n=55) of Perth police detainees interviewed between April and June 2020 reported recent methamphetamine use—a significantly lower rate than in January–February 2020. Detainees who used methamphetamine did so on a median of five days in the past month—significantly less often than in previous years (median=15) and in January–February 2020 (median=16).

Detainees also reported a threefold increase in the price of methamphetamine (from $30 to $100 per point), and significant declines in methamphetamine availability and quality.

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AIC Statistical Bulletin 29