Helen Clark Foundation


Sponge cities: can they help us survive more intense rainfall?

New Zealand has recently dealt with significant natural disasters, including the Auckland anniversary floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, resulting in tragic loss of life and extensive property damage. Responding to the escalating impacts of climate change-induced extreme rainfall events, this report explores the potential of transforming...
Discussion paper

Safer cities by design

This discussion paper recommends bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise in establishing safe urban places. It also calls for urban public places to be designed in a way that restores mana and mauri Maori.

Minimising the harms from methamphetamine

Harmful methamphetamine use has become a serious and intractable health issue in Aotearoa New Zealand over the past 20 years. The paper begins by providing an overview of how methamphetamine is used, by whom and why, how big the market is, what the harms are...

Te Ara Matatika: A fair charge for better cities

Cities that have implemented congestion charging have experienced a range of benefits including up to 30% less traffic, reduced congestion, lower emissions, and revenue from the scheme improving transport options. This report discusses how congestion charging can become an equitable part of a decarbonised transport...

Te Ara Matatika: The fair path

This report argues New Zealand leaders need to rethink the transport system around two objectives - reducing car dependence and making the transport system fairer.