Shamubeel Eaqub


A stocktake of New Zealand’s housing: February 2018

This report provides the New Zealand public with a broad overview of the current state of the national housing market and the housing system. This overview takes the form of a series of brief reviews of various housing outcomes and policy areas and backs these...

Inclusionary zoning: the evidence from Queenstown

Inclusionary zoning (the rules that require affordable housing in new developments) should be self-limiting: triggered only on the back of formal housing assessments of inadequate affordable housing supply, measured against objective definitions agreed by the local community, or national standards.
Working paper

The home affordability challenge

Fixation with home ownership causing economic and social despair New Zealand’s crippling home affordability rates cannot be fixed by a single solution such as changing immigration policy or urban planning rules, or imposing a capital gains tax or lending ratios. This is one of the...

Time to revise the TWI to reflect modern New Zealand’s export profile

Headline exchange rate measures don’t capture New Zealand's burgeoning emerging market trade, particularly the China-driven export boom, argues this short paper. Introduction People are worried about the damage the strengthening exchange rate might be doing to the export sector. It's only a matter of time...

Construction productivity: an evidence base for research and policy issues

This paper provides a broad assessment of productivity issues facing the New Zealand construction sector. Key points The Building & Construction Productivity Partnership has asked NZIER for a broad assessment of productivity issues facing the New Zealand construction sector and testable hypotheses for its future...