The Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY for Children (STACY for Children) project was undertaken as an extension of the suite of research activity informed by working with the Safe & Together Institute (founded by David Mandel).

The Safe & Together (S&T) Model consists of an ethical framework for an all-of-family approach to practice in circumstances where both DFV and intersecting complexities such as AOD and/or MH issues are present. The model supports practitioners and organisations across sectors (DFV, AOD, MH, child protection, family services, justice services etc.) to become more DFV-informed in their individual and organisational practices, and to develop multi-disciplinary, multi-agency collaboration across the service system that is sensitive to DFV and intersecting complexities that impact on children and families.

The model is underpinned by core principles and critical components that:

  • cultivate ways of working that focus on keeping children safe and together with their non-offending parent (usually the mother)
  • partner with the non-offending parent to take a default position that supports her efforts to care for and nurture the safety and wellbeing of her children
  • intervene with perpetrators as parents to reduce the risk of harm and increase accountability for their use of violence and coercive control.


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ANROWS Research Report Issue 22/2020