eServices government and industry working party report

4 Sep 2012

This working party was asked to review the operation of the eServices panel and to recommend changes to improve the way the Victorian government procures ICT services from the industry.

In June 2011, the Victorian Government concluded a tender for the eServices Panel. The tender outcome prompted a number of issues and concerns to be raised by both industry and government. As a result the Government announced a refresh in July 2011 which was concluded in October 2011 with 368 companies appointed to the Panel, making it the largest ever Victorian eServices Panel.

As a parallel exercise the Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Technology established a Working Party, comprising representatives of government and industry, to review the issues raised by the June 2011 eServices tender and to report back on options to improve the mechanism through which government procures ICT services.

The Working Party sought feedback on the June 2011 tender from across industry and the Victorian Government. A substantial number of comments were received and considered in detail by the Working Party.

The Working Party examined the operation of the current eServices Panel and considered how it served the interest of the Government in respect to both procurement and economic development. The Working Party also considered how well the current eServices Panel met industry’s requirements.

The Working Party discussed and agreed on the key principles that ought to underpin a mechanism for the Government’s procurement of ICT services. In the light of these principles the Working Party considered options for improvement on the existing Panel mechanism.

The Working Party concluded that in considering possible mechanisms through which the Government might manage its procurement of ICT services, the preferred option would be an eServices Register. The Working Party concluded that the implementation of an eServices Register, as described in this report, would best serve the interests of the Victorian Government and industry.

Should the Government decide to adopt the Working Party’s preferred option an implementation plan would need to be prepared including final design and operational elements, cost implications, funding options and management and governance responsibilities.

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