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To achieve Lean Construction maturity in the management of the construction project is a continuous improvement process that occurs when the LC implementation is integrated into the life cycle of the construction project. The model for the evolution of Lean Construction maturity in the production management of construction projects, the SLCEM model, contains the standard with which each of the elements involved in the maturity of Lean Construction (LC) is evaluated in construction project management (CPM). Identifying the elements that show the extent of maturity and understanding how they relate is the main task for the development of the SLC-EModel. When evaluating the maturity elements, the local and global maturity indices explain the maturity of the CPM system. The indices are external references to start a cycle of continuous improvement for the evolution towards a higher level of maturity. This research presents a maturity assessment model and an evolution strategy to advance towards the highest possible level of LC maturity in the management of construction projects.

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