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The emergence of a third wave of open data

How to accelerate the re-use of data for public interest purposes while ensuring data rights and community flourishing
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This paper synthesises lessons learned from the Summer of Open Data, a three-month series of conversations and consultations co-organised by the Open Data Policy Lab (at The GovLab), Brighthive, Digital Trade and Governance Hub, Open Data Charter, and the Open Data Institute that tapped into insights from 29 global open data leaders and experts (see full list of panelists and conversations here).

Over the course of ten panels, participants sought to jointly discover how to build a collaborative, purposeful, and responsible future of open data. In part A, the authors highlight four key attributes that appear emergent in the Third Wave of Open Data. In part B, they outline eight steps that could accelerate and amplify these elements emergent in the Third Wave for the public’s benefit. Part C concludes with a brief reflection on future priorities.

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