Management of Australia’s air combat capability—F-35A joint strike fighter acquisition

Information technology Defence Australia North America

This audit provides an Australian perspective on the Australian Government’s participation in the United States of America’s Joint Strike Fighter Program.
This program is producing the F‐35A Lightning II multi‐role combat aircraft selected by the Government to replace the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF’s) 71 F/A‐18A/B Hornet aircraft, which at the time of the preparation of this report were planned for withdrawal from service after 2020.2 F‐35A aircraft are also planned to replace the RAAF’s 24 F/A‐18F Super Hornet aircraft in 2025.
The Australian Defence Organisation’s (Defence’s) management of the current Hornet and Super Hornet fleets is the subject of a companion audit, ANAO Audit Report No.5 2012–13, Management of Australia’s Air Combat Capability—F/A‐18 Hornet and Super Hornet Fleet Upgrades and Sustainment, 27 September 2012.3

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