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This report identifies barriers for the more widespread adoption of Open Access (OA) monographs in the academy and outlines new ways in which OA publishers and academic libraries could work together to stimulate the production of OA books. It has drawn on feedback from stakeholders in the United Kingdom and the United States, gathered in a series of workshops, surveys and one-to-one interviews.

The research tackled such issues as the discoverability of OA content in library catalogues, the sustainability of OA monograph publishing, the difficulty of articulating the value of OA for supporting universities and the challenge of aligning OA values with those of stakeholders.

The authors also worked together with participating stakeholders to begin to reimagine a more diverse and inclusive system of scholarly communication in relation to OA monographs. Based on the conclusions of this research, they outline a proposal for a new OA model/platform that might transform the relationship between OA book publishers and libraries and boost the production and dissemination of OA monographs. They discuss the objectives of the proposed platform and its key organisational principles as well as benefits that the platform would bring for the OA monograph market and participating institutions. Finally, they describe a business model for the platform and examine possible challenges to its implementation.

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