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The construction industry is infamous for having a high number of fatalities around the world. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been considered an influential way to improve Work Health and Safety (WHS) outcomes by improving communication, information flow and risk analysis in all phases of an asset's lifecycle.

The research 'Work Health and Safety Management using Building Information Modelling' is a four-phase study aiming to examine the opportunities to achieve WHS objectives through the application of BIM in major construction projects. This technical report presents the outcomes of Phase 2, including the results of an in-depth empirical study and the recommended contents of a Decision Framework. The proposed Decision Framework will support pathways for clients and project team leaders to collaboratively work together and develop high-quality information requirements that clarifies the data management environment expectations for all stakeholders. The tools underpinning the Decision Framework will support the development of high-quality criteria for tendering, evaluation and monitoring, and ultimately, the delivery performance of the primary contract throughout the supply chain.

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