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Situation analysis: migrant and refugee women’s experiences of policing and good practice in police responses

Refugees Migrants Police-community relations Victims of family violence Violence against women Access to justice CALD Family violence Australia

Migrant and refugee women’s access to justice is a key research and advocacy priority for Harmony Alliance. Their work in this area includes understanding key barriers faced by migrant and refugee women in accessing justice and addressing those barriers by working with courts, police and other points of access within Australia’s justice system.

This paper is based on research with police jurisdictions across Australia to understand systems and processes in place to facilitate culturally appropriate and gender responsive engagement with migrant and refugee women. The aim of the paper is to scope good practice, highlight challenges faced by police in facilitating culturally and gender responsive engagement, and consider approaches towards enhanced experiences for migrant and refugee women across Australia.

The research for this paper was conducted between July 2019 and December 2020 with police jurisdictions in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia (WA), and Tasmania. The material presented in this paper is based on a combination of written responses from police jurisdictions and interviews with police officers.

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