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The Victorian Government released this consultation paper to help prepare the next state disability plan. The consultation paper talks about some ideas for the next plan and asks some questions to find out how we can make the plan better.

Making Victoria more inclusive of people with disability is vital to our communities and our economy. The state disability plan sets out the blueprint for how Government will work to achieve this.

Victoria has a proud history of championing the inclusion and rights of people with disability. The Victorian Government wants the next state disability plan to continue to create more opportunities for people with disability and to drive lasting positive change.

Consultation on the new plan commenced on 3 December 2019 however was paused in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Consultation formally re-commenced on International Day, 2020 with public engagement restarting in April 2021.

The attached supplementary consultation paper talks about what has changed since the original paper was released and shows what Government will do to write the new plan.

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