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This report, the sixth in the Focus on Industry series provides an in-depth look at the arts and cultural sectors within the Western Australian economy.

With the boundaries of the sector defying definition by standard statistical collections, this report takes a more conceptual view of what are broadly termed ‘creative industries’ and ‘creative workers’, covering the more traditional arts through to newly emerging creative activities, such as digital design and software development for gaming.

The report explores the contributions that the creative industries sector makes to WA’s economy and society, and the strengths, opportunities and challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs and workers in this State.

Key findings:

  • Nationally, there has been a marked shift from print to digital platforms as mediums for accessing creative output.
  • Nationally, employment in creative occupations grew at almost twice the pace of overall employment growth.
  • In WA, workers in the creative occupations are twice as likely to hold a university degree or higher qualification than all employed workers.
  • The majority of Western Australians report that arts and culture has a large impact on their health and wellbeing, creative thinking, and ability to express themselves.
  • In recent years, WA government funding in culture and the arts has been higher than the national average on a per capital basis.
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Focus on Industry Series No. 6