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Blueprint for critical technologies 2.54 MB

This resource outlines the Australian government’s framework for capitalising on critical technologies to drive a technologically-advanced, future-ready nation.

The safe and responsible development and deployment of critical technologies brings enormous opportunities, underpinning exponential improvements in productivity, facilitating economic growth and high quality jobs, enabling all Australians and businesses to securely participate in the digital economy, improving our health, raising our living standards, and improving our defence and national security capabilities. The Australian Government is working hard to ensure that Australians can confidently take advantage of those opportunities through promoting innovation, science and research; and by supporting competitive markets that rapidly and safely adopt new technologies and seize commercial opportunities.

The framework  will be achieved through action across seven pillars:

  1. Ensure Australians have the right knowledge and skills to take advantage of and contribute to critical technologies
  2. Invest in research and commercialisation of critical technologies
  3. Ensure access to reliable, trusted supply chains for critical technologies
  4. Deploy secure and trusted technologies in critical systems, networks and infrastructure
  5. Ensure policies, regulation and standards are fit-for-purpose
  6. Consider national interest in critical technologies investment
  7. Promote awareness, resilience and action on critical technology risks and opportunities to protect our critical technology IP and assets





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