Investigation into allegations of improper conduct involving Victoria Police

Australia Victoria

This report presents the results of an investigation into whether Mr Simon Overland engaged in improper conduct exercising his powers of superintendence and control of Victoria Police during his time as Chief Commissioner.

The Acting Ombudsman reached the following conclusions:

a. a senior executive was provided with an unnecessary termination payment

b. a superintendent was reappointed without an open and competitive recruitment process

c. a superintendent under investigation retired after being alerted about a Victoria Police investigation into the inappropriate use of email

d. Victoria Police employees, including senior officers, continue to misuse email

e. Victoria Police employees, including senior officers, have accepted gifts and benefits, in breach of the Victoria Police gifts and benefits policy

f. Victoria Police’s approach to dealing with gifts and benefits is inadequate and a number of Victoria Police employees, including senior staff, have a poor understanding of the gifts and benefits policy.

However, the report does not conclude that Mr Overland or other Victoria Police employees engaged in ‘improper conduct’ as defined by the Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001.

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