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This working paper builds on Michael Maley’s (2020) comprehensive report entitled Electoral Management Under Covid-19. This report explores the efficacy of modalities which relieve electors from in-person voting. It examines three remote voting modes:

  • postal,
  • telephone, and
  • remote internet voting.

While remote voting has its virtues, it has distinct limitations. There are practical, technological, financial and also cultural and sociological concerns attached to their use. Compared to in-person Election Day voting, remote forms of voting can underperform on important criteria of election integrity, such as secrecy, transparency and accountability. Nevertheless, the use of remote voting options should be prioritised during a pandemic to ensure that an election can proceed on schedule while also better protecting the health of all participants. However, the selection of any one or more remote voting modality should be informed by voter familiarity in their use and the Election Management Body’s (EMB) experience in administering them.

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