Investigation into allegations concerning rail safety in the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop

25 Oct 2012

This report details the results, conclusions and recommendations of an investigation into the condition of the safety infrastructure of the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop and the fire protection services at Flinders Street Station.


This investigation established that key elements of the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (MURL) safety infrastructure had not been adequately maintained or renewed for much of the last decade. The report examines how and why this situation came about notwithstanding seven engineering reports over 11 years which identified the nature and extent of the problems. The report makes recommendations to address not only the safety issues of the MURL, but also to strengthen the framework and approach to rail safety in Victoria.

From a public safety perspective, it is important to recognise that, since this investigation commenced, the Chair and Chief Executive of the newly created body Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has advised that a comprehensive program of works has been put in place to remedy the problems identified.

Appendix 1 details the works underway or planned to be undertaken since this investigation commenced. They are all scheduled to be completed during 2012-13 except for the ventilation system for which PTV has advised a staged and prioritised scope of modification will be developed once study activities are complete, and capital funding sought as necessary.

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