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Heatwaves are Australia’s deadliest natural hazard. This study was performed in the City of Ipswich, Australia which has been identified as one of the most heatwave vulnerable Local Government Areas in Queensland. The Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is the meteorological impact of urbanisation which leads to a higher temperature in urban areas compared to their rural counterparts). The UHI formation has several causes, including absorption of heat by urban materials and trapping of this heat between street surface and buildings, decreased evaporation due to impermeable surfaces, as well as anthropogenic heat and air pollution.

This study aimed at providing evidence-based analysis of how the existing urban design affects street microclimates in key areas of Ipswich, including two in the city centre (Bell Street, Brisbane and Limestone Street) and one in a recently developed suburb on the southern part of Ipswich (Joy Chambers Circuit, Ripley Valley).

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