Australian Conservation Foundation

Briefing paper

Wrong reaction: why ‘next-generation’ nuclear is not a credible energy solution

The pressing need to transition from fossil fuel energy to a low carbon future has seen renewed calls for domestic nuclear power in Australia’s political arena. This paper explores the global status of Small Modular Reactors and wider ‘next-generation’ nuclear technology and explores whether this...

The nature-based economy: how Australia’s prosperity depends on nature

This report calculates the Australian economy’s direct dependence on nature and the variation in direct dependency for every major industry sector. It also calls for government to create strong environment laws that protect nature and establishing an independent regulator to enforce them.

Queensland climate action plan: laying the foundation for a successful climate transformation

Queensland’s current policies cover many of the critical elements of a climate strategy, such as renewable energy and transport. While efforts have accelerated since 2017, the research in this document suggests that progress could be faster.

Aggravating extinction: how the Australian government approves the destruction of threatened species habitat

Australia is a world leader in nature destruction. We’re the only developed nation on the list of global deforestation hotspots and we’ve caused the extinction of more mammals than any other nation. This investigation reveals how the federal government has been intensifying, rather than abating...
Policy report

Reversing nature destruction in Australia: five improvements we must make

This report calls for Australia to lift its ambition in five key areas, by championing a strong post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and by demonstrating how the commitments under the framework will be implemented domestically.