Australian Conservation Foundation


Sunshot in 2023: accelerating towards Australia’s renewable exports opportunity

This publication outlines three key areas of focus to secure a leading role for Australia in the net zero economy, and to ensure all Australians benefit from the global energy transition.

Impact of new entrants on the Safeguard Mechanism emissions budget

To understand the potential risks to meeting the Safeguard Mechanism emissions budget, RepuTex was engaged by the Climate Council and the Australian Conservation Foundation to model the potential effects of higher-than-expected emissions growth due to variation in fossil fuel production, and new entrants, on the...

Safeguarding fossil fuels

This study demonstrates how the proposed design of the Australian government’s Safeguard Mechanism (SGM) includes loopholes that will enable and effectively subsidise highly polluting new fossil fuel projects, placing Australia’s emission reduction targets at risk, while transferring billions of dollars of additional costs to other...

Risky business: how Australia’s banks and super funds are responding to the nature crisis

In this report, the author investigates the level of preparedness amongst 20 of Australia’s largest superannuation funds and retail banks, in terms of measuring, managing and mitigating risks arising from impacts and dependencies on nature that are present in their portfolios and loan books.

Double standard

In December 2021, the Queensland Government’s Statewide Land and Tree Study (SLATS) released the most recent detections of forest and woodland destruction for 2018-19 using a new and more accurate methodology. This report analyses the 2018-19 SLATS data to quantify destruction of forested habitats for...