The primary aim of the research program is to examine the factors that influence non-compliance with parenting orders, including issues arising from family violence and safety concerns, and the operation of the contravention regime. A further aim is to examine the impact of penalties as a means of deterring non-compliance or as a factor that might deter a party from seeking safe parenting orders. The research is informed by 10 research questions addressing these overarching concerns.

This report sets out the findings of one part of a four-part research program that examines compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders. These findings are based on two elements: the views of 343 professionals who work with separated parents who completed an online survey, and those of 11 judicial officers who exercise family law jurisdiction and participated in one-on-one interviews. The other three parts of the research program are based on data collection from family law court files involving contravention applications, an online survey of parents and carers with family law parenting orders, and an analysis of the approaches applied to contravention in three international jurisdictions.

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Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: final report

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Research report 01/2022