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The 50 Lives 50 Homes program (50 Lives), which commenced in late-2015 and was the first Housing First program in Western Australia. It was a collaborative program that aimed to house and support 50 of the most vulnerable chronic rough sleepers in Perth, a goal that was achieved in June 2017.

During 50 Lives, support was provided directly to individuals by over 50 service providers from at least 30 separate organisations across the homelessness, health, and justice sectors. Specialised after-hours nursing and psychosocial support, provided via the AfterHours Support Service (AHSS), was integral to the provision of individualised care and to enabling many individuals to sustain their tenancies.

As of March 2022, 284 individuals (67%) had been permanently housed at some point during the program, across 352 different properties. 79% had been housed for at least one year, and 7% housed had been housed for at least five years. People were housed in many different types of housing, with half (51%) of all housing placements involving public housing (government housing) and others involving private rentals, supported accommodation (e.g., aged care facilities, mental health) and community housing.

This report marks the conclusion of the 50 Lives evaluation; a six-year, longitudinal, Housing First evaluation, the duration of which is unique, both nationally and internationally. Whilst the program itself has already transitioned into the Zero Project and contributed to the wider embedding of Housing First into the WA homelessness response, many of its learnings remain highly salient.

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