2022 Women’s report card: an indicator report of Western Australian women’s progress

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The 2022 Women’s report card sets out the status and current state of play of women in Western Australia, and in doing so, helps to track progress to achieving better outcomes for women.

As is the case to varying degrees across the globe, women in WA face many inequalities, discrimination, and disadvantage across various aspects of life. Together these factors impact negatively on women’s ability to engage and participate fully in their communities, the economy and life more generally.

The primary objective of the Women’s report card is to provide reliable information to drive discussion, debate, and advocacy by providing fact-based information.

The 2022 Women’s report card is framed around the four priority areas as part of the Western Australian government’s Stronger together: WA’s plan for gender equality framework: health and wellbeing; safety and justice; economic independence; and leadership. The report card contributes to the evidence base which underpins actions to address the barriers to women’s progress and promote the benefits of greater gender equity.

As of 2021, there were just under 1.05 million adult women (aged 18 years and over) in WA, with women comprising 52 per cent of the WA adult population.

While this report card shows that progress is being made across many indicators of women’s outcomes, many inequalities persist. A summary of these outcomes is provided in this report, with further details provided in the individual briefing notes across the four key domains.

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