Lifelong: perceptions of arts and culture among Baby Boomer middle Australians

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This report brings together published and unpublished data on the attitudes and beliefs towards arts and culture held by ‘Baby Boomer middle Australians’. In presenting the findings of a third national focus group study on middle Australia, the aim is to ensure that Australia’s policy settings and public investments remain relevant, targeted and effective for the 21st century.

Key findings:

  • Baby Boomer middle Australians value arts and culture. They say a world without arts and culture would be ‘colourless’, ‘depressing’, ‘uninspiring’ and ‘like a totalitarian state’.
  • Baby Boomer middle Australians say that cultural experiences create lifelong memories, provide opportunities for intergenerational dialogue and help them ‘stay young’.
  • During the discussions on mental ill-health and thriving communities (particularly in terms of COVID-19 pandemic recovery), the view of public investment in arts and culture shifted from ‘nice to have’ to ‘essential’ for the Baby Boomer middle Australians.
  • Baby Boomer middle Australians believe arts and culture play a valuable role in shaping and expressing our diverse identity, locally and abroad.
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ANA Paper No. 2022-02