Working paper

VCOSS ideas paper: Service sector reform

25 Jan 2013

As a contribution to the Victorian Government’s Service Sector Reform Project, this paper has been developed by the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) to shape discussions within government and across community sector organisations to support better outcomes for those who use social services.

10 priority areas to improve government and community services to achieve better outcomes for all Victorians
1.    Structure services around the needs of the person, not around service models or program silos
2.    Meet the different needs of different geographic regions
3.    Develop place-based approaches to best meet the needs of local communities
4.    Pursue better collaboration between and within government, community sector organisations, philanthropic organisations and the corporate sector
5.    Link up government and community services so there is ‘no wrong door’ 6.    Focus on better prevention and early intervention 7.    Recognise the lifelong impact of trauma and strengthen cultural competence 8.    Use data so it supports better planning and outcomes not just processes 9.    Structure funding to support best practice and foster innovation
10.    Maintain and build on the expertise and social capital of Victorian community sector organisations

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