Tourism industry monitor: tracking the performance of the tourism sector, December 2012

Business New Zealand

The information is designed to help individual businesses in New Zealand understand the current tourism environment, benchmark their performance against the wider market, and plan for the future with greater confidence.

This edition of the TIM is based on 441 responses from a wide range of tourism businesses including hospitality establishments, transport operators, attraction and activity providers, and booking/wholesale agencies.

The information is collected through an online survey of tourism businesses that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Businesses that submit data receive the results via email a few days later. Results are only sent to businesses that complete the survey.

The reported changes in demand and profitability are expressed relative to the same period in the previous year. All respondents are required to submit their data in this format.
Weights are applied to the sample data to calculate industry-wide percentage changes in demand and profitability. The demand data are weighted by customer count to ensure that the businesses with largest customer bases have the largest influence on the results. Similarly, the profitability data are weighted by annual turnover. More information on the TIM methodology is available from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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