Keeping people safe: an evaluation of the Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Service

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This report comprehensively addresses matters raised in the recent Close the Gap Clearinghouse Fact Sheet No. 20 which highlights the dearth of and need for comprehensive independent evidence-based evaluation in this sector.  This evaluation directly addresses those concerns.  This is a specific case study, but it also has national significance because of the scale and longevity of the work of the Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Service (as discussed in the Fact Sheet) and the current priority and resonance of issues of community safety on the national COAG Indigenous 'Close the Gap' agenda.

This is an independent evaluation of the Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Service (NPS). It is jointly funded by the Western Australian Law Society and the Patrol.
The main findings are that the NPS needs more administrative staffing resources and to ensure it is funded for all of the services it provides.
Evidence to support the findings and recommendations of this evaluation has been generated from sources such as:

  • focus group meetings
  • surveys
  • document review
  • a brief review of some of the literature
  • meetings with some key stakeholders
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