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Catching some air

This resource is the final report for the 'Catching Some Air' project, which aims to produce an informed set of guidelines for the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Service integration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood development: final report

This First 1000 Days Australia report confirms that service integration has enabled the two partner organisations to meet a broad range of needs for Aboriginal children and families, and to provide holistic and coordinated care.

We nurture our culture for our future, and our culture nurtures us

When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are in control of the decisions that affect their lives, they have better health and wellbeing. This report calls on governments and policy makers to adopt the changes needed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and...

Aboriginal health and wellbeing services

This report explores strengths-based, bottom-up approaches to delivering Aboriginal health and wellbeing services. It focuses on three case study organisations across two sites, all of which have reputations for maintaining highly positive relationships with their communities.

A new way of working

This booklet has been developed by the Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Organisations in consultation with Australian governments – federal, state and local – and with the assistance of a grant from the Commonwealth Government. This booklet is intended to be an...