Confidentiality in government contracts: Senate Order for Departmental and Agency Contracts (calendar year 2012 compliance)

26 Sep 2013

This audit is the fifteenth in a series of audits and fulfils the Senate’s request for the Auditor‐General to provide an annual report on the use of confidentiality provisions in Australian Government contracts.

The audit objective was to assess the appropriateness of the use and reporting of confidentiality provisions in Australian Government contracts for the 2012 calendar year reporting period. To form a conclusion against the objective the ANAO considered whether:

a) Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies published contract listings in accordance with the requirements of the Senate Order and the extent to which the published content aligned with the information requested by the Order;

b) confidentiality provisions were used appropriately in a sample of contracts, selected from the audited agencies’ Senate Order listings, reported to contain confidentiality provisions; and

c) the audited agencies’ guidance and procedures supported the accurate and timely reporting of contract information in the Senate Order listings and on AusTender.

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