National Rental Affordability Scheme: technical discussion paper

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This technical discussion paper seeks comments on the final administrative and legislative design features of the federal government's National Rental Affordability Scheme. The questions posed in the discussion paper are:

• The aim of this Scheme is to stimulate institutional investment in affordable rental housing. Do these provisions strike the right balance between flexibility for investors and achieving long term supply of affordable rental housing?

• Do these timelines provide the right amount of time for proposals to be developed?

• Will this process allow for expressions of interest to be made without excessive costs to business?

•The aim of this Scheme is to increase the supply of affordable rental housing to singles and families on low and moderate incomes. Do the current eligibility criteria sufficiently allow access for this group?

• The aim of the Scheme is to improve housing outcomes for tenants. How should tenancy managers be regulated to ensure quality outcomes for tenants in the Scheme?

• The aim of the Scheme is to provide affordable rental accommodation at 20% below market rents. Do these provisions strike a balance between the need for administrative simplicity and the need to ensure benefits of the Scheme are passed on to tenants?

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