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Engaging youth on New Zealand's long-term fiscal position

22 Nov 2013


It would be fair to assume that the majority of the country’s young people have not read the Treasury’s most recent statement on New Zealand’s long-term fiscal position. However, for the 27 young people who participated in the 2012 LongTermNZ workshop the release of the document was a matter of eager anticipation. This article is written by two of those who took part in the workshop. It explores the group’s response to the Treasury’s 2013 Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position, and the participants’ thoughts on how the Treasury can further its commitment to engaging young people in a conversation surrounding the long-term health and viability of the New Zealand economy.

While more needs to be done to bring the country’s most apathetic voting bloc to the table, together the LongTermNZ initiative – made possible by the McGuinness Institute, the Treasury and Victoria University of Wellington – and the Treasury’s recently published statement have produced the biggest step forward to date.

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