National pharmaceutical drug misuse framework for action (2012-2015): a matter of balance

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Foreword: Within the context of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015, the National Pharmaceutical Drug Misuse Framework for Action identifies national priorities and provides a guide for actions to minimise the harms to individuals, families and communities from pharmaceutical drug misuse.

The goals of the Framework are:

  • To reduce the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and associated harms in Australia; and
  • To enhance the quality use of pharmaceutical drugs without stigmatisation or limiting their accessibility for therapeutic use.

The Framework provides a holistic approach, in keeping with the complex range of factors that contribute to pharmaceutical drug misuse. The priority areas identified for action were informed by an extensive national consultation process involving written submissions, consultation workshops, a review of the literature, discussions with key experts and guidance from an Expert Reference Group and a Project Steering Committee.

The nine priority areas are:

  • Coordinated medication management system;
  • Supporting prescribers;
  • Supporting pharmacists and other health professionals;
  • Regulation and monitoring;
  • Structural factors;
  • Health information and other consumer responses;
  • Treatment and harm reduction;
  • Technological responses; and
  • Data, research and evaluation.

Responsibility for implementing the actions outlined in the National Pharmaceutical Drug Misuse Framework for Action will be shared by all governments, recognising that jurisdictions face different challenges and will undertake actions in line with their own priorities, timing and resources.

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