Vibrant and safe Sydney nightlife: report of the citizens’ policy jury

Recommendations to the Lord Mayor of Sydney & Premier of New South Wales

9 Apr 2014

In September 2013, the Foundation was appointed by the City of Sydney to conduct a Citizens Jury which mirrors the process underway for the South Australian Parliament through Premier Jay Weatherill.

Importantly, the City of Sydney’s role is complemented by the commitment of Premier O’Farrell to table the results of the Jury’s deliberations into Parliament verbatim and unedited – meaning that the projects underway in SA and NSW both come with equivalent levels of pre-agreed authority.

A statistically representative sample of the population will be given the time, information and authority to make it worth giving up their time to look at the issue in genuine detail.

In all spheres of government, it can occur that good decisions don’t get made for fear of the political cost through a vox pop response. The Citizens Jury, comprised of randomly selected citizens not affiliated to a party, not up for re-election, and not linked to lobbyists nor interest groups thus has the power to act as a final filter to ensure worthwhile policy options have the chance to be publicly considered. Their judgment has fewer perceived impairments and has been shown to earn greater public trust.

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