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Evaluation of the cancer nurse coordinator initiative annual report 2014

30 Oct 2014


The first annual Cancer Nurse Coordinator Initiative (CNCI) evaluation report has drawn on a number of data sources, including:

  • a specific Cancer Nurse Coordinator (CNC) database that provides information about the activity and function of the nurses
  • a CNC online survey which profiles CNCs and their activities, contribution and perceived effect on patient experience
  • a provider online survey to assess understanding and perceived effects on patient experience
  • a patient survey to assess patient experience of the new role and its contribution
  • qualitiative interviews.

The data collected to inform the 2014 annual report provides high level insight into implementation of the CNCI and shows that:

  • the CNCI is implemented across 20 DHBs using four delivery models that reflect DHBs’ existing cancer care structures and population profile
  • CNCs have an important role in the treatment team and contribute to improving communication between health professionals about patient care
  • CNCs are seen to be contributing to a more coordinated patient journey and making a difference to patients and their family/whanau.

The evaluation provider is looking at enhancing the data collection tools to further improve data quality for the 2015 annual report.

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