The Office of the Director of Mental Health annual report 2013

5 Dec 2014

Presents information and statistics that serve as barometers of quality for New Zealand's mental health services.


The objectives of this report are to:

  • provide information about specific clinical activities that must be reported to the Director of Mental Health under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992 (the Mental Health Act)
  • report on the activities of statutory officers under the Mental Health Act (such as district inspectors and the Mental Health Review Tribunal)
  • contribute to the improvement of standards of care and treatment for people with a mental illness through active monitoring of services against targets and performance indicators led by the Ministry of Health (the Ministry)
  • inform mental health service users, their families and whānau, service providers and members of the public about the role, function and activities of the Office of the Director of Mental Health (the Office) and the Chief Advisor, Mental Health.


This report is divided into three main sections. The first section (‘Context’) provides an overview of the legislative and service delivery contexts in which the Office operates. The second section (‘Activities for 2013’) describes the work carried out by the Office in 2013. The final section (‘Ensuring service quality’) provides statistical information, which covers the use of compulsion, seclusion, reportable deaths and electroconvulsive therapy during the reporting period.

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