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Discussion paper

17 Dec 2019

New technologies are changing our lives profoundly—sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. This discussion paper sets out the Australian Human Rights Commission’s preliminary views on protecting and promoting human rights amid the rise of new technologies.


1 Apr 2019

In this video, Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow, and Whitlam Institute Director, Leanne Smith, discuss the implications of emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Human Rights.


7 Oct 2016

Australia’s new Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow, will use his first year in office to focus on the treatment of people in detention in Australia.

Commissioner Santow said he hopes the Federal Government will soon announce what it intends to do about the Optional...


14 Jan 2009

AMID THE CARNAGE and brutality of the western front, ordinary Allied and German troops convened a brief truce in the Christmas of 1914. They sang Christmas carols and some even exchanged gifts. It was a source of hope, soon to be dashed, that sanity might...

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