Nicholas Davis

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Nick Davis

The state of AI governance in Australia

While the regulatory environment related to AI systems is evolving, an organisation that uses or relies on an AI system will generally be responsible if it causes harm. This report argues that corporate leaders need to rapidly appreciate their existing legal duties and emerging responsibilities...

Facial recognition technology: towards a model law

This report responds to growing calls for reform around the use of facial recognition technology from leading voices in civil society, the private sector, government and academic experts. It outlines a model law to regulate the development and use of FRT in order to protect...
Working paper

Interoperable, agile, and balanced: rethinking technology policy and governance for the 21st century

The varying approach to technology regulation globally and the inconsistent progress within countries suggest that the current policy efforts in this area are inadequate. This paper touches on four key areas to help address this challenge.

Data, technology, systems and transformation

Presentation from Society 4.0 Forum, held in Melbourne in November 2018, which scrutinised some of the key issues that relate to the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0.
Discussion paper

Values, ethics and innovation: rethinking technological development in the fourth industrial revolution

The purpose of this paper is to encourage leaders to adopt practical skills for working with values and ethics and integrating them into a broader view of technological development.