The wellbeing of Australians - links with exercise, nicotine and alcohol

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The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index monitors the subjective wellbeing of the Australian population.

Our first survey was conducted in April 2001 and this report concerns the 19th survey, undertaken in April 2008. Our previous survey had been conducted six months earlier in November 2007. This six month period was eventful. In November 2007 the Labor Party, under the leadership of Kevin Rudd, won an election and so wrested power from long-serving Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal Party).

The following period, up to the current survey, was filled with new government initiatives, some to over-turn previous policy and others to initiate new policy.

Each survey involves a telephone interview with a new sample of 2,000 Australians, selected to represent the geographic distribution of the national population. These surveys comprise the Personal Wellbeing Index, which measures people’s satisfaction with their own lives, and the National Wellbeing Index, which measures how satisfied people are with life in Australia. Other items include a standard set of demographic questions and other survey-specific questions. The specific topics for Survey 19 are the use of alcohol and tobacco, and exercise.

Other authors of this reports are: Jacqui Woerner, Adele Gibson, Lufanna Lai, Melissa Weinberg, and James Collard Doctoral Students, School of Psychology, Deakin University

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