National drug policy 2015 to 2020: progress report 2016

31 Aug 2016

The overarching goal of New Zealand’s National Drug Policy 2015 to 2020 is to minimise alcohol and other drug-related harm and promote and protect health and wellbeing. 

This report shows progress against the Policy’s baseline indicators and actions. It also features case studies of actions that represent each of the Policy’s five priority areas which are:

  • priority area 1: creating a people-centred intervention system
  • priority area 2: shifting thinking and behaviour
  • priority area 3: getting the legal balance right
  • priority area 4: disrupting organised crime
  • priority area 5: improving information flow.

The Ministry of Health coordinates annual reports to Cabinet against the Policy’s objectives and actions at the end of each financial year. The Inter-Agency Committee on Drugs, made up of senior officials from the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Development and Justice, the New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Customs Service and the Department of Corrections, approves the reports. 

The measures for each objective track progress towards the Policy’s goal. While the contribution of some actions to the objectives is not easily quantifiable, we expect to see progress across all the objectives over the life of the Policy. We are just beginning to collect some of the data that will enable us to monitor this progress.

Future reports will follow a similar format but will have more detailed commentary and data as more information becomes available and more actions are begun or completed.

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