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The present study was commissioned by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Department of Education and Y outh Affairs (DETY A) to assess the extent to which their industry-linked research funding has been meeting the Government’s objectives in supporting university and industry interaction.

Specifically, the ARC and DETYA were seeking information about how the Collaborative Research Grants (CRG) Scheme, the Key Centres for Teaching and Research (KCTR), and the Australian Postgraduate Awards (Industry) ( APA(I)) were contributing to building industry and university research alliances. Through the course of the study it also became clear that many tangible economic and social benefits are emerging from these alliances. However, the major focus of this evaluation has been on the broad objectives of the programmes rather than toward specific outcomes of projects or Centres.

The project was completed in two stages. The first stage included compiling and analysing information concerning the three schemes. This entailed collecting a wide body of new information from industry and university participants and non- participants in the schemes in order to gain a better understanding of how the schemes contribute to the formation and support of university/industry cooperation. The research team also carried out a more detailed sub-study in the field of Chemistry.

The second stage of the project elaborated on the findings of Stage One through a series of focused meetings with: Pro Vice-Chancellors (Research); a group comprising representatives of firms engaged in research; and a group of representatives from relevant government agencies.

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