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Humanities, arts and social sciences: it’s everybody’s business

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Commercialisation of research activities in the humanities, arts and social sciences in Australia

Executive summary This report describes the commercial activities and examines the impediments and incentives facing humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) researchers and educators at the tertiary level in Australia. It is a snapshot of who is commercialising research and how they approach this task...
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CHASS - the next steps: Discussion paper

“This false divide between the arts and science, between the arts and industry, between the arts and the economy: we’ve actually got to put that to bed. As if creativity is somehow this thing which only applies to the arts, and innovation is this thing...

Between a hard rock and a soft space: design, creative practice and innovation

Executive summary This paper discusses the contribution that the arts, humanities and social sciences can make to innovation systems and innovation policy by embedding design and creative practice in innovation. Innovation policy is a major economic development strategy - a strategy that is being adopted...
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Rigour and relevance: extending the role of the social sciences and humanities in public policy research

Australia needs to encourage a new form of research that contributes directly to the formulation of policy in government, according to this report. Such research is initiated by the end user rather than the researcher. It is characterised by being strategically driven, problem oriented and...