2008 The arts, and the innovation agenda workshop

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What implications does the new Government's innovation agenda have for people working in practice, in research and education, or in the cultural institutions? On March 31 CHASS ran a one-day workshop in Sydney to discuss how the Arts sector can respond to the new Government's innovation agenda. Download the individual papers from the CHASS website. Workshop sessions included:

* The new Government has promised $17million for the new Creative Industries Innovation Centre. How will it be spent?

* The National Innovation System Review: How can the Arts contribute? What's in it for us?

* Brad Hasemen summarises recent reports and reviews in cultural policy. What can we learn from the past 15 years?

* Helen O'Neil in conversation with Dr John H Howard on his second research paper, Toward a Broader Concept of Innovation.

* Julie Dyson: the ArtsPeak Perspective

* Su Baker, ACUADS: how can university research and education contribute to innovation?

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