Annually CAUDIT Members are surveyed to determine the Top Ten issues affecting the strategic utilisation of technology in support of their organisations' mission.  

The CAUDIT Top Ten issues list is a vital tool highlighting the most significant areas of interest and opportunity for ICT leaders in Australian and New Zealand higher education and research sectors. 

The CAUDIT Top Ten forms part of the CAUDIT Strategic Plan focus.

In 2015 a new approach, assigning three keywords to each issue and identifying the nature of each issue, was adopted. This facilitates tracking of trends over time, particularly where the description of an issue has evolved.

As attention has turned from ‘hygiene’-type ICT, some issues core to ICT have dropped down (or off) the list as others have increased in prominence or entered the list. Closer inspection reveals a more nuanced identification of issues and a number ‘on the fringe’ of the top 10 in 2014 have dropped below the top 25. Examples include managing demand; enterprise architecture; transitioning infrastructure and data centres; and consumerisation of technology.

For upward shifts in issue ranking, 2015 saw ‘Developing a digital strategy for the future’ redefined to ‘Developing a fit-for-purpose digital strategy for the institution’s future’ and jump to #2 from #8 in 2013 and #7 (2014). Others to rise include secure collaboration #5 and analytics #6.

Support for the core activities of teaching and learning and research remain at the top, with additional issues relating to these also appearing.

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