Dwelling, land and neighbourhood use by older home owners: Positioning paper

9 Feb 2009

The project aims to:


1. Provide an understanding of the relationship between older home owners and their dwelling types, sizes and locations;

2. Examine the variation in these factors by the age of occupants, their level of ability, household type and cultural background;

3. Assess how efficiently housing stock is, and could be, used by older home owners, considering changes in their household size and composition over time;

4. Explore measures that might help to improve efficient use of the housing stock while improving liveability for older Australians;

5. Establish the costs and benefits of adaptable and universal housing design and propose an economic model to assess the consequences for older Australians if these are not adopted now;

6. Investigate the level of demand and consumer support amongst older home owners for adaptable and universal housing design.

Authors:  Joanne Quinn, Bruce Judd, Diana Olsberg and Oya Demirbilek

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