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The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (first prepared in 2010) describes our plan for how Adelaide should grow to become more liveable, competitive and sustainable. The policies and strategies included in the 2010 Plan have resulted in a number of actions – both ‘on the ground’ and within planning reform. This Update builds on the strong foundations of the Plan and updates its vision where needed to ensure that the development of Greater Adelaide continues to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

This Update keeps what is contemporary about the 2010 Plan and updates it where needed. It also incorporates much of what we have learnt from engaging in conversations with local councils, government agencies, peak bodies and community stakeholders. While reinforcing the Plan’s objectives and principles, the Update strengthens our focus on:

• supporting Greater Adelaide’s new urban form

• reinforcing and enhancing Adelaide’s reputation as a liveable and vibrant place

• facilitating good design outcomes that ensure new development positively contributes to existing neighbourhoods

• protecting and recognising our heritage

• providing affordable and diverse housing choices for different household types and lifestyles

• creating healthy neighbourhoods that promote cycling, walking and public life

• delivering a more connected and accessible Greater Adelaide

• supporting economic development and unlocking investment

• maximising the efficient use of infrastructure

• valuing our natural environment and enhancing biodiversity

• ensuring a diverse range of quality public open space and places

• mitigating against and adapting to our changing climate

• protecting and securing our water resources

• building our resilience to hazards and disasters.

Several of the more challenging questions arising from development within existing urban areas have also been addressed, including:

• how can these suburbs grow in a way that is acceptable to communities?

• how do we ensure neighbourhoods contribute positively to our quality of life by improving our access to quality public transport, community services, public open spaces and employment?

• how can we manage interface issues between higher densities and traditional low density suburbs rich with valued character and heritage?

Our vision cannot be achieved in isolation therefore the Update also outlines opportunities where land use planning can partner with other strategic levers for Greater Adelaide, including transport, education, environment and public health.

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