Office of the eSafety Commissioner (Australia)

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eSafety DPO Grants Program: final evaluation report

The aim of this independent evaluation of the eSafety Dedicated Project Officer (DPO) Grants Program is to demonstrate the appropriateness of the grant for different types of organisations, understand how the grant funds were used by Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in the service of the...

Cool, beautiful, strange and scary: the online experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their parents and caregivers

This research report explores the online experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and considers the digital parenting practices of their parents and caregivers.

Basic Online Safety Expectations: summary of industry responses to the first mandatory transparency notices - December 2022

Online service providers are required to report on how they are implementing the 'Basic Online Safety Expectations' set out by the Australian government. This report shows significant variation in the steps being taken by providers to protect users and the wider Australian public.

Evaluation of the disability workforce and frontline worker program

The eSafety Women training program was independently evaluated 12 months after its launch. This evaluation found that the program successfully provided professional development training to workers supporting women who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

‘How bad should it be before I tell someone?’

This report starts with an overview of the online activities of people with intellectual disability. It then examines their understanding and experiences of online abuse. Finally, it explores their information and support needs, and identifies guiding principles for resource development.