Office of the eSafety Commissioner (Australia)

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The Office of the eSafety Commissioner was created on 1 July 2015 to help safeguard Australians at risk from online harm and to promote safer, more positive online experiences.


Women in the spotlight

Many women face online abuse simply because they have an active online presence as part of their working life. This research highlights women’s lived experiences of online abuse, and points to the need for greater action by online platforms and employers to prevent and respond...

Mind the gap: parental awareness of children’s exposure to risks online

This research explores the opportunities and risks that the internet presents for children in Australia. More than 3,500 young people aged 8 to 17, and their parents, were surveyed during August and September 2021.

Consultations with young people to inform the eSafety Commissioner’s Engagement Strategy for Young People

Young people in Australia have clear aspirations and views about the internet and online safety. This research highlights their recommendations and vision for the future. It outlines their expectations of eSafety and how we should engage with them about online issues. The findings will be...
Annual Report

Australian Communications and Media Authority and Office of the eSafety Commissioner annual reports 2020–21

This report provides details of the ACMA’s and eSafety’s performance for 2020–21, key corporate information, and details against the mandatory reporting requirements.

Online safety: health, education and law enforcement workers

Frontline workers in the health, education and law enforcement sectors provide essential services directly to the public, and they often find out about online safety issues through the course of their work. This research was conducted to explore frontline workers' experiences and perceptions of online...