No To Violence


Employees who use domestic and family violence: a workplace response

Leading Australian employers are set to tackle the confronting issue of employees who use domestic and family violence as part of nationwide efforts to end this endemic societal scourge. This resource recognises that any comprehensive workplace response to domestic and family violence must also include...
Discussion paper

Predominant aggressor identification and victim misidentification: discussion paper

This discussion paper seeks to identify some of the factors that contribute to the misidentification of victims and limit the system’s capacity to identify and respond to predominant aggressors.

Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions: final report

The Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions was established to advise the state government on the suite of family violence perpetrator interventions that should be available in Victoria to ensure the safety of more women and children. This report explores ways to strengthen existing and...

New South Wales No to Violence listening tour report 2019

In January 2019, No to Violence led a regional Listening Tour in NSW to hear what’s needed to better prevent and respond to domestic and family violence in local communities. This report that calls for a much bolder investment from NSW leaders to ending men’s...

Victorian listening tour report

No To Violence undertook a grass-roots listening tour in areas of family violence high incidence across Victoria in September and October 2018.